CT LEND Trainees

A LEND Trainee is any individual who is enrolled in one of the nation’s LEND programs. A Trainee might be a graduate or doctoral student in a discipline such as audiology or social work; a Trainee might be a fellow in pediatrics or psychology; a Trainee might be a community member or a family member learning about leadership. All Trainees have a common desire to continue learning about helping and working with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

Family Match Experience
Trainees are matched with a family each semester and learn about their everyday experiences by participating in their daily life activities. This includes joining the family for evening routines, community outings, doctor appointments and IEP meetings.
Trainees meet with a designated mentor in their field regularly to discuss progress, training experiences, and future opportunities for interprofessional growth based on the trainee’s Individual Learning Plan.
Clinical and Community Observations
Specialty clinics and community-based organizations offer observational opportunities for trainees to expose themselves to a multitude of services and supports for children with developmental disabilities and their families.
Individual Leadership and Research Projects
In consultation with their mentor and other LEND faculty, trainees select a topic or community need to explore in-depth and offer recommendations to the field. These projects may include formal research, piloting assessments and services, and developing models of training.
Applying knowledge: Life Course Theory, Social Determinants of Health, Family-Centered and Community-Based Services
LEND Trainees learn how to apply knowledge from the Life Course Theory, social determinants of health, and family and community-centered practices to their work with children with disabilities and their families.