Kayla Hart

Kayla is a 2nd year Doctorate of Audiology student at the University of Connecticut. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Health Science with a concentration in Allied Health from Eastern CT State University. During her undergraduate studies, Kayla had many opportunities to teach fellow students in various health science classes. She has always had a passion for helping others learn. Kayla has spent the past two summers working at the New England Center for Hearing Rehabilitation where she has interacted with a diverse population of people. She is pursuing LEND in hopes to continue to enhance her knowledge and learn how to effectively support those with disabilities as she becomes a future audiologist. Her interests in the field of audiology include cochlear implant programming and educational audiology. After graduating from the Au.D. program, she hopes to work as an educational audiologist for school districts in Connecticut. Her ambitions also include possibly owning her own practice and teaching university courses as a professor. One fun fact about Kayla is that she is a triplet and has two brothers.

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